After a Few More Years…

Life, as usual, has slipped by too quickly. My little ones are now 5 & 2 and have wild imaginations that leave me wishing I were a kid again (maybe for just a few hours…).

As a working mom, married to a man in the culinary industry, I can’t say I have a lot of down time for reflection. It typically comes in the late evening hours while trying to zone out on mindless television (another hazard that comes with a job that requires you to be sharp witted for 8 hours a day). Lately, my musings have revolved around the state of the world and the direction things are going from a resource standpoint.

My husband is French, and we have been together now for almost 18 years….eeks. From the early years of our marriage, I remember going to the grocery store and finding that plastic grocery sacks did not exist anywhere. Re-useable bags were just becoming a thing state side. To this day, all of my local stores still offer the option of plastic bags, and it doesn’t appear that legislation will be changing that any time soon. Am I a contributor to the plastic bag consumption? Yes, yes I am, but I am improving. My mind just can’t fully comprehend what I see in photos online, or in articles I read about how plastics are filling the ocean.

I think what really upset me the most was a recent article about microscopic plastic fibers that were found in the Mariana Trench (click to read the National Geographic Article) 

From everything I have read about microplastics, they can come from so many places, including our washing machines!! Who knew!

Do I have answers, no. I do think our children will be faced with thinking creatively about so many of the problems we face and will face due to the growing population. So, my New Year’s resolution this year is going to be NO MORE PLASTIC BAGS from the grocery store!!plastics_in_the_ocean_lesstext


Life thoughts

This being my first blog post, I am realizing just how hard it is to channel my thoughts and figure out what I want to put out in the world…..but here it goes. As a mom raising 2 little people that will one day be independent and will be leading their own adult lives, it makes me think back to my own beginnings and just how different things were 30 years ago. I wonder how the early exposure to technology and access to so much information will change the way they will develop and make decisions later in life. From availability of music and news, formation of friendships, and face to face conversations; it seems that there are so many things in life that will never look like they used to. It’s my hope that even with all the noise my kids will have to filter through, they will be able to realize what’s important, they will know what it means to have meaningful relationships, and their love for life will be evident in all they do.